Product Spotlight #2: Custom V4 Fuel Injection System

So with the gearbox and chassis spoken for, the next item available from the once-in-a-lifetime What On Earth Is A Sonett collection is a custom engineered V4 fuel injection setup (UPDATE 3/31/19:  This fuel injection setup is now sold!).  And in typical overkill fashion, this is no lame-o batch fired or throttle body injection setup, but rather a full on modern fuel system that would be in service by a late model Saab itself!  This system will have the capability of drive-by-wire and/or sequential fuel injection with coil-per-cylinder ignition.


Here is the list of what will come with this package:

  • Custom built marine-grade aluminum fuel tank.  Based on Sonett tank dimensions, but downsized a bit to allow much better working clearances and reduce fuel slosh up high.  Tank was pressurized and leak proofed by Roger’s Radiator in Medway (they specialize in custom tanks & radiators for classic vehicles).  They also applied a tough corrosion proof coating to the exterior.  Provisions for a fuel sending unit, fill port, fill vent port, tank vent, and a pair of -6AN ports allow for fuel injection supply and return.  With the downsize dimensions of this tank, it may also fit a 95 or 96 as well. EE9F6625-AB4A-4F21-ABD7-E0B43FE44F08
  • High performance two barrel intake manifold, custom milled with fuel injector bungs machined in.  The two barrel has a superior plenum opening vs the normal one barrel, so the one barrel was rejected early in the system design phase.  Custom CNC plate was designed and cut to allow you to mate up typical aluminum tube (included) to the standard two-barrel mounting flange. 7803319F-2209-4215-BC88-A6E390976084
  • Four brand new, never used, AC Delco LSA/LS3 style fuel injectors.  These are the same injectors that come on the 560 HP Cadillac CTS-V, and are sized to handle well over 200 HP on the V4.
  • Custom fuel rail prototypes and extra fuel rail stock
  • 2.0L throttle body with custom CNC plate to allow you to mate the throttle body to the tube that feeds the intake manifold. BA771C98-E324-4031-94C2-C55943CDF0E8
  • Surge tank to allow fuel pump mounting, a new Bosch 044 equivalent pump, pre-pump fuel filter, mounting bracket, post pump fuel filter, and check valves.  All brand new, never used.
  • Full roll of Russell fuel line with an assortment of Russell adapter fittings and Fragola shutoff valves.
  • A pair of V4 valvecovers beautifully restored and powdercoated.  Stand-offs were precisely added and welded in place to allow individual coils.  A brand new set of AC Delco D585 LS2-style coils fit the mounts exactly and will be able to accurately fire up a V4 of virtually any power level.
  • A prototype distributor replacement stub.  This allows you to eliminate the distributor and still be able to drive your oil pump as the factory intended.  Custom designed and fabricated by a high-tolerance machine shop that provides parts for a nuclear submarine supplier.  Tolerances of this shaft are within 0.0001″ (not a typo). 7B88F541-4086-4869-A0ED-62D6AFDE78F8
  • Brand new timing trigger wheel sized up to perfectly mount to your balance shaft pulley!  Includes a universal wheel sensor and mounting bracket as well.

So, simply add the engine control & wiring of your choice and away you go.  Very cool stuff!  Equipment alone (no design/engineering time) was $2300.00, and if you had to duplicate this you would easily be in the $3000.00 to $3500.00 range.  I think $750.00 is beyond fair but am open to a thoughtful discussion on it with my blog readers (jcayea99 at gmail).  Like the gearbox and chassis before it, I’m assuming that you girls & guys will snap this up too.  🙂

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